This package contains Immunity Essential Oil Roller, Jade Gua Sha, Rose Collagen Soap, Lavender Soap, Lemongrass Soap, Oatmeal Soap, and a Soap Net.


Immunity Roller:

made with clove essential oil, rosemary essential oil, ginger essential oil, and other great essential oils to help improve your defense against bacteria and other airborne toxins

Apply on temple, shoulders, back of the head, throat, nose. May also rub onto palms, rub until hot, and inhale slowly.


Gua Sha:

100% pure jade, an ancient Chinese therapy done by scraping the skin and muscles to help improve circulation

Apply the Immunity Essential Oil. Scrape on your back, buttocks, neck, arms, legs, head, and gently on the cheeks. 



All soaps can be used on face and and body; 100% all-natural, great for those with sensitive skin.

Gua Sha & Soap Gift Set

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