Le Clairer's Newest Gift Package


Great for Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and any kind of special occasion!


Contains: 4 Bath Bombs, 1 Massage Oil, and 1 Candle


This package is the perfect gift for those that love taking baths! Our bath bombs are very lightly and naturally colored. All scents are from pure essential oils, so these are safe for those with sensitive skin.


Comes with four kinds of bath bombs: 

 ❥ Turmeric: light orange/yellow color; contains actual turmeric powder

 ❥ Green Tea & Peppermint: light green color; contains real ground matcha powder

 ❥ Rose: light pink with dried rose petals

 ❥ Lavender: light purple with dried lavender flowers


This package also contains our Massage Oil. Our Massage Oil is made from dozens of concentrated herbal oil blends that helps to slowly improve blood circulation, and help relieve some tension in your body! We made this Massage Oil a bit thicker, so you or your masseuse can work on the affected areas longer without using too much oil. 


The last item in this gift set is an all-natural Candle. This candle is our newest product, and is made with all-natural soywax and organic yellow beeswax. All scents are from pure essential oils.

Spa Gift Set


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